Heating Repair Services

We repair and service all brands and types of Air Conditioning and Heating Units. We offer the following services in Los Angeles and Orange County.

Service and Maintenance

There is no reason to wait until your system breaks down to call a professional. Proper maintenance and tune up of your system twice a year will increase the life of your system and prevent many issues.

A new Air Conditioning system is a large investment and proper maintenance is the best way to protect that investment. Contact us now to sign up for our preventive maintenance program on your system and increase the life of your system.

If you prefer a one-time service you can also contact us for a tune up of your system. Make sure to check our SPECIAL OFFER pages for discounts on our Tune Up packages.

As always all work performed by Max Comfort Heating and Air Conditioning comes with The MAX Promise™.



The following services will be provided for you (if applicable) twice per year, unless otherwise noted. The Fees for the services are $15.95 per month. Agreement can be cancelled at any time with a 30 days written notice. Customers who sign up for a maintenance plan will be eligible for the following perks:

  • 10% Discount* on Future Repairs

  • 10% Discount* on Future Purchases of IAQ products

  • 5% Discount* on Future Equipment Purchases

*Discounts cannot be combined with other special offers or discounts.

 We will provide the following services per visit unless the system does not require it or otherwise stated:

  • Clean or Replace Air Filter

  • Inspect Compressor and take pressures

  • Inspect Electrical Connections

  • Inspect Contacts

  • Inspect Condition of the Condenser

  • Clean Coil with Chemical Wash (once per year during summer visit)

  • Clean and inspect Fins

  • Inspect Relays

  • Inspect Contactors

  • Inspect Pressure Switch

  • Inspect and Clean Drain

  • Inspect Drain Pan (Where Applicable)

  • Inspect and Measure Volts and AMPs of Fan Motor

  • Inspect Motor Assembly

  • Inspect Burner and Heat Exchanger

  • Inspect Fuel Supply and Pressure

  • Inspect Pilot Assembly

  • Inspect Flame adjustment and adjust as needed

  • Inspect Blower Assembly

  • Inspect Fan and limit switch operator

  • Inspect RV Valve (where applicable)

  • Inspect Heat Strip (where applicable)

  • Test Defrost Cycle

  • Inspect Refrigerant lines,

  • Check for Leaks in the system

  • Inspect Thermostat and check operation

  • Check the overall operation of the system.